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Beaches in and around San Pancho Mexico

San Pancho beach

The village is situated at about the center of the wide golden sand beach of San Francisco (San Pancho), with a 15-minute walk in either direction to reach the rocky promontories that define the town limits.
To the left (when looking towards the sea) the beach acts as a barrier to a small river and creates a lagoon that is very important for the migrating birds. Also the lagoon is an extremely beautiful addition to the beach and jungle view, and is therefore a great spot to take pictures. Beyond and in the lee of the headland San Pancho’s fishermen pull in their boats. This spot is also the safest swimming area because it is not quite open sea and the currents are not as dangerous.


Crashing waves, skimming flights of pelicans, sunsets and winter whale-sightings make the main San Pancho beach a fantastic place to enjoy, especially with the beachside restaurants offering beach chairs, shade umbrellas, and personal food & beverage service. Without crowds or the trash they leave behind, the main San Pancho beach is an equally perfect place to set young kids down to play with sand toys, lie out and devour a book, or take a romantic walk at sunset.




To the right and beyond the boundaries of the main beach, numerous small, less-visited rocky coves are worth discovering. However, much of the coast is difficult to reach owing to parts that are private property, and it is about a mile to the next public access to a beach. Yet for vacation villas or other accommodations along this stretch, the advantage is even greater privacy and pristine conditions, with proximity to the comforts of your own pool or terrace. 



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